1-5 BAF Metric
Wedge Prism Lens Kit


Excel template incl. imperial-metric conversions in English only



Each lens kit includes:

  • 5 glass wedge prisms of appropriate BAF metric sizes enclosed in anodized aluminum tubes (3 cm tall for 1-10 BAF, 4 cm tall for 11-20 BAF, 5 cm tall for 21-25 BAF) with adjustable labeled outer rings
  • 1 plastic and metal lens clip which screws into any BAF size wedge prism tube and also fits any smartphone or tablet camera lens
  • 5 labeled anodized aluminum caps for appropriate wedge prism tubes
  • 1 stitched cow leather case with belt loop on the back panel, embossed gold labeling on the front flap with two magnetic buttons underneath, and 6 pockets inside which fit 5 wedge prism tubes and 1 lens clip
  • +/-1% BAF accuracy guaranteed for wedge prism tubes