21-25 BAF Metric
Wedge Prism Lens Kit


5% discount applied to orders of 5 of more wedge prism lens kits in any combination

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Each lens kit includes:

  • 5 glass wedge prisms of appropriate BAF metric sizes (+/- 1% BAF accuracy guaranteed) enclosed in anodized aluminum tubes (3 cm tall for 1-10 BAF, 4 cm tall for 11-20 BAF, 5 cm tall for 21-25 BAF) with adjustable outer rings, appropriately labeled
  • 5 anodized aluminum caps, appropriately labeled, to protect glass wedge prisms
  • 1 universal plastic lens clip which accommodates all wedge prism tubes and fits any smartphone/tablet camera lens
  • 1 stitched cow leather case with: back belt loop, front embossed gold labeling, bottom magnetic snaps, and inside 6 pig leather pockets
  • 1 black bamboo neck lanyard with metal clip and also metal release buckle