The fastest method for ground-based
forest inventories for biomass & volume


Aluminum tubes shaped for eye sockets, clear labels, glass prisms protected by caps, and belt loop cases of 5 allow anyone to conduct variable radius inventories without push or pull positioning errors, BAF size errors, glass chipping, or equipment losses.


Compatible with all smartphone or tablet camera lenses via included clips. Off-set tree stem images can be viewed via digital grids to more easily view “in” or “out” status. Off-set images can also be viewed by multiple people at once and images can be magnified on the screen. Furthermore, off-set images can be digitally photographed for auditors, supervisors, and others.


Wide BAF of 1-30 m2/ha applies to all global forest types and also enables the “big BAF” method of height measure (VBAR) BAF 3-5x count (TC) BAF of 1-10 m2/ha. This “big BAF” method is the world’s most time efficient method to accurately measure forest biomass/volume at given sampling intensities1.


Sold in kits (5 glass wedge prisms enclosed in anodized aluminum tubes,
including 1 plastic lens clip and 1 bamboo lanyard, all enclosed in 1 leather belt-loop case)
at prices equivalent to 5 conventional glass wedge prisms!


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